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Independence Pioneer Village

Unplugged is our newest addition to the Village. The goal is to connect young people with each other while learning about the past in a unique setting where technology is replaced by a hands-on experience. Each Unplugged experience can be tailored to meet your group's needs. Available learning experiences are: cooking over an open fire, starting a fire without a match, hand stitching, cross cut sawing, wood burning, and saddling a horse. We also take a break from the electronic games of today and play games children played in pioneer times such as Tug of War, Game of Graces and Town Ball. To conclude your Unplugged experience, we invite you to join us around the fire for a wiener roast or some old fashioned stew cooked in the kettle. We also offer devotions for those groups interested in adding them to their experience. Please check out our photos in our Unplugged album and then contact us for scheduling your Unplugged experience.