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Independence Pioneer Village

The School/Church

This building was originally built in the woods about two miles Southest of Darden, TN. The cabin was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Myracle who lived in it during the early 1930’s after they were first married.

They moved the cabin up to Smith Chapel Road and lived there until the family outgrew it. They built a new house and used the cabin for storage and a barn. When Independence Pioneer Village purchased the cabin, the bottom logs had rotted away. They were replaced with logs obtained from a barn owned by Roy Chumney.

There is no history available on the original date and use of the cabin. However, because of the way it is built, with three windows on a side, one door and no fireplace, it is believed to have been originally built for a school and/or church. Local residents have stated that there were three churches in the area and that they joined together in the mid 1800's to form Union Church. We believe it is possible that this could be one of the original churches.  

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