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Independence Pioneer Village

The Hall Cabin

This cabin was originally located in Parkers Township in rural Martinsville, Illinois. It was built by Ebenezer Erscum Hutchinson Hall.

Ebenezer married Mary Inman sometime in the late 1800’s. Mary bought the property from her father, Willis Inman in 1900.

Ebenezer started building the cabin in 1901 and completed it in 1906.

Ebenezer and Mary raised their children in this home. They were Annie, Mattie, Melivn, Jess, William and Clarence. Three of the children were actually born in the cabin. Clarence is the only child still living. Also one grandchild, Zelma, was born in the cabin in 1919.

Mary Inman Hall died in 1927 from boiled poison she got from a cut received from a knife. Ebenezer continued to live in the cabin with Clarence and his wife, Bertha. Later Luther and his two children moved into the cabin as well.

Luther lived in the cabin until the death of Ebenezer in 1952. The property was then sold to William and Edith Hall. William and Edith lived in the cabin for several years before moving to Westfield. Their son Charles Floyd and his wife Cossie moved into the cabin. Two children, David and Cheryl, were born in the cabin. After a while, William and Edith moved back into the cabin. They lived here until Edith died in 1984. William stayed in the cabin until 1985 when he was moved into a nursing home. The cabin had remained in the Hall Family until November 1991 when it was obtained and moved here to Independence Pioneer Village.

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