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Independence Pioneer Village

The Bartholomew Homestead

The Bartholomew farm was located deep in the woods on what is known as Smith Chapel Road in Darden, TN. John Bartholomew began to build the cabin in 1828. The original homestead had the three room cabin, barn, corn crib, storm cellar, and summer kitchen. Water was drawn from a spring located about 500 yards from the cabin.

John Bartholomew was born in Warren County, North Carolina in 1782. He was the son of John Bartholomew, the Revolutionary War Soldier in Lieutenant Colonel Harrey’s Company, 2nd North Battalion. John married Nancy in 1810. They lived in Franklin County, North Carolina from 1810 to 1820. In 1828 they moved to Henderson County, Middleburg District in Tennessee. This is where John and Nancy decided to raise their family.

John and Nancy raised 5 children in this cabin—Joseph John, William, Elizabeth, Benjamine F., and James C. John died in 1857 at the age of 75. Nancy died in 1860. They are buried in unmarked graves at the Smith Chapel Cemetery in Tennessee.

Their son Joseph John Bartholomew married Julia Ann Wallace in 1839. It is most likely that Joseph built the second room to the cabin. The opening between the two rooms is where the dogs would sleep, which is why porches were commonly referred to as “dog trots.”

Joseph and Julia Ann raised 8 of their own children in this cabin—Mary Ann, Nancy Jane, George Washington (Wash), Tennessee C., Benjamine Lester, Joseph John, Silucy A., and William Wesley. When Joseph’s brother, Benjamine F. died, the family took in his 5 children as well—Took, Fate, Tom, Rebecca Ann, and Mattie.

Joseph died in 1875 at the age of 60. Julia Ann died in 1892. Both are buried at Smith Chapel Cemetery.

William Wesley (Wes) Bartholomew, the youngest son of Joseph and Julia Ann, raised his children as well in this cabin. They were Woodard, Nolie, Bessie and Vester. William probably built the third and final room to this cabin, which was used as a kitchen. William died in 1935.

Vester Bartholomew, the youngest son of William Wesley, along with his wife Minnie, were the last Bartholomews to live in the cabin. Vester died in 1967 and Minnie lived there until her death in 1985 ending 157 years of continuous living of the Bartholomew family in their family’s cabin.

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