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Independence Pioneer Village

The Barksdale Cabin

The Barksdale Cabin was last owned as a home by H.J. Maxine C., and Allen Barksdale. It was last lived in by Allen Barksdale and his wife, Kathy Helptingstine Barksdale in 1981.

This two story cabin was located in Alma Township in Marion County, about 10 miles Northeast of Salem, Illinois. It was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, occupied homes in Alma Township representing 154 years of continuous living.

The land entry book shows that James Christerson entered this forty acres on October 24, 1837. Mr. Van C. Mundwiler stated that part of the log house was built around 1837.

When Mr. and Mrs. Mundwiler moved into the house, it had a Summer Kitchen, but you still had to go outside to go upstairs.

The Barksdales added two more rooms, enclosed a porch, changed another porch into a bath, and few people knew they ever lived in a log cabin.

It has been said that “It takes a heap of livin’ to make a house a home.” The Barksdales can guarantee this old house has been home to many.

                                                                            Compiled by Maxine C. Barksdale

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